What we offer

At RAMS, everything we offer is framed through our seven pillars, which form the foundation of our comprehensive resilience-building curriculum. These pillars are embodied in our seven sessions, each designed to impart a crucial life skill.

Whether through a series of 1-hour workshops or a year-long immersive community program, our approach ensures that participants learn and internalize these seven essential lessons. This structured framework allows for both flexibility and depth, catering to different needs while maintaining a consistent focus on fostering resilience and personal growth.

Seven Sessions


Resilient people do show their emotions. It’s a normal part of life to feel sad, scared, or anxious when going through a tough time. Expressing how you feel can help move you forward.

  • Students will learn to value the positive expression of
    their emotions.
  • Students will learn how to make a record of how they feel in different situations to gain self-awareness of their emotions.

Being resilient doesn’t mean that we don’t feel impulsive; rather, it means that we learn to control our impulses.

  • Students will be more aware of the varying kinds of impulses that can be controlled.
  • Students will have the ability to think through how they might react to how they feel.

Empathy is the ability to recognise another person’s
feelings, and to respond accordingly and respectfully.

  • Students will learn that empathy requires acceptance
    that their emotions can differ from someone else’s.
  • Students will understand that empathy is a skill that can be practiced.
  • Students will understand how empathy is different from sympathy.

Having success in something, and then using that as a personal reference point for ability and working on that, can create further success, achievement, and a belief in yourself.

  • Students will understand that believing in their abilities
    will improve their resilience.
  • Students will learn that recording and reflecting on past experiences will equip them with the skills needed
    during tough times and when striving for greater

Optimistic people are happier, more engaged, succeed more often and are better problem solvers. Optimism skills can be learnt.

  • Students will learn that optimistic attitudes need to
    involve realistic ideas.
  • Students will learn that self-talk assists in developing
  • Students will understand that negative thoughts can be
    overridden with positive thoughts.

Thinking flexibly, actively listening, and being able to accept other people’s points of view is key to developing resilience.

  • Students will learn the value of actively listening to others’ opinions.
  • Students will learn the value of having multiple solutions to a problem.

Actively making meaningful connections with people and nurturing friendships will provide you with support in hard times.

  • Students will gain an understanding of how social/friendship groups can be a source of emotional support in times of hardship.
  • Students will be more capable of connecting with people and organisations who can provide support.

Practical Solutions leading to Transformational Change

Each skill explores and helps students develop one of the seven resilience factors identified by Karen Reivich and Andrew Shatte (2002). Sections of the Reach Out Australia program are adopted, complementing schools’ existing wellbeing and mental health initiatives.

We know that simple measures can have a great impact in the lives of students. Young people frequently face adversity and change, and it is vital that they acquire the ability to cope effectively with these challenges.

RAMS Wellbeing Program

Seven full-day sessions run each year, building self-esteem, critical reflection skills, and social-emotional intelligence in each participant, who attends all sessions.

Program cost includes:

  • 7 full day workshops
  • Visual-Aid Presenters (Ranges between: Martial Arts, Dance Academy, etc)
  • RAMS Student Workbook for each student
  • RAMS merch for each student (to make cohort feel special).
  • RAMS bottle for each student (part of their celebration day gift).
  • Celebration day activity for final program day (Mini Golf, Tree Surfing, bowling, etc).
  • Venue Hire (if required)
  • Lunch, morning and afternoon tea for every workshop day.

*The cost of the program and seminar varies based on location, the number of participants, and potential venue hire. The provided cost is an estimate and will be finalized after consultation.

RAMS Wellbeing Seminars

The RAMS Presenters share their compelling life experience story of overcoming adversity to inspire resilience and wellbeing. Students will walk away from each seminar learning a skill of resilience to help them bounce back from adversity.


Grit is the power of perseverance when circumstances get tough, the ability to pursue challenge and step out of your comfort zone

Program cost includes:

  • 1 Seminar
    8 seminar topics to choose from: The 7 Resilience Pillars and our new seminar on Grit.
  • Printable posters of quotes from the session.
  • Discounted resources that will aid teachers as they journey with students.

* The cost of the program and seminar varies based on location, the number of participants, and potential venue hire. The provided cost is an estimate and will be finalized after consultation.

RAMS Visual-aid Presenters

Canine Comprehension

Canine Comprehension bring a visual aid (therapy dog) to teach the students how to recognize another’s emotions through body language and speech in order to become empathetic.


Worthy Co

Worthy talks about their business journey and the flexibility required when their plan A didn’t go according to plan. Students are encouraged to pursue their dreams and not give up.



Kingdom Dance

After sharing how dance taught him to regulate his emotions, Damian teaches the students a dance, encourages them to find their point of refuge, and ends with a performance.


Horses for hope

Horses for Hope help the students connect with the individuals emotion’s so that they can start understanding the way they feel.


Sports Counselor Chaplin & Melbourne Rebels Chaplin

Dave shares his life story about culture, family, sport and belief. He asks self reflection questions and runs the students through rugby drills for a visual-aid experience.

The MAT Program

Teaching therapeutic martial arts techniques to teach students how to respond to situations well, rather than reacting.


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